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Let ASA help you support your apprentices

Did you know ASA can provide you with the tools and resources necessary to induct, motivate and encourage your new employees to create meaningful and positive connections. It will enable your apprentices to enjoy the journey whilst they complete their apprenticeship.    

Our mentors are there to help your apprentice overcome challenges, celebrate the success stories and give them the best opportunity to complete their training.
Apprenticeship Support Australia is committed to building a better Australia by promoting Vocational Education and Training programs, including apprenticeships and traineeships under the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network.
What is mentoring?
Former US President, Mr Barack Obama, recently described mentoring as,  “Nobody succeeds on their own:  each young person’s strength and resilience is fostered by those who have taught them they can do anything they put their mind to. Whether helping mentees study for a test, learn a new skill, or lift their heads up after a setback, mentors provide them the chance they need to move forward and set their sights even higher. And in helping mentees achieve their goals, mentors can inspire them to reach back and provide the same support to someone else in need of a mentor.”  Source:  mentoring.org

Mr Obama’s words echo inspiration and dedication to our youth. And we thank you for supporting Australia’s future through the apprenticeship program.
The benefits of a mentoring program in the workplace?
As the business world is constantly changing, there are additional ‘pressures’ where businesses must learn and grow too, whilst also understanding your employee’s needs, goals and motivations.   Beginning an apprenticeship or traineeship and entering the workforce for the first time can be daunting, no matter what your age or previous experience.
This is where ASA can help you develop a mentoring program to create some outstanding benefits for you and your employees in the workplace.   Benefits such as:
Creating a positive learning culture
By participating in a mentoring program, you are creating a company culture that values learning and personal development.  Apprentices valued if they are paired with a mentor who can help guide their progression within your organisation. A mentoring program opens the door for collaboration, communication and curiosity and encourages apprentices to seek guidance and advice.
Develops personal and professional development
By working with a mentor, a new employee feels valued and will rely on the mentor as a trusted adviser. This creates a safe place for apprentices to learn, make mistakes and ask questions.
Decreases stress and anxiety
With an active mentoring program apprentices develop higher levels of confidence, self-esteem, active listening and problem solving skills.
A workplace mentor is someone the apprentice can always turn to no matter what the issue.  Knowing a mentor is available to lend a helping hand is the first step to easing the apprentice into a new work environment and help alleviate any job frustrations the apprentice maybe experience.
Increased job satisfaction – reduces staff turnover
The greatest benefit your company can enjoy by participating in a mentoring program is showing your employees that you care. It highlights that management is willing to invest the time and resources necessary to help apprentices succeed in their careers. In return, your new apprentice is more likely to be “productive and loyal” to your business. (Source:  inc.com)
The mentor benefits too
Did you know the mentor can benefit too from the mentee-mentor relationship? According to a 2013 study, “Career Benefits Associated with Mentoring for Mentors”, published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, people who have the opportunity to serve as mentors experience greater job satisfaction and higher commitment to their employer”.
A win-win situation.

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