Why apprentices and trainees should be a key part of your talent mix


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Your ability to attract, train and retain the best talent in the marketplace will play a critical role in determining the future success of your business. However, when recruiting new employees, many employers are missing out on an untapped and often overlooked resource that can provide a key competitive advantage when it comes to managing their business’ talent strategy – apprentices and trainees.

With an overwhelming majority (77%) of people indicating apprenticeships and traineeships had a positive impact on their organisation, and 72% revealing they would hire an apprentice or trainee again, it makes good business sense to uncover how you can benefit from the program.

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  • Tackle some of the common misconceptions when it comes to hiring apprentices and trainees
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  • Show you key strategies to running a successful program
  • And lastly provide you with an insight into how major companies are using apprenticeships and traineeships to drive meaningful outcomes


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