Replacing paper based claim forms; online Smart Form Claims are the new and improved way to submit your Commonwealth incentive claim form.

How to access your Smart Form Claims


Previously when your claim fell due, a paper based pre-filled claim form was posted to you. The good news is we will still manage this entire process; however you can complete the pre-filled Smart Form Claim in person with one of our Consultants or complete the pre-filled claim via email.

How you will complete them

There are two ways to complete your Smart Form Claims; by tablet or smartphone using the guided online ‘stylus’ version;  or the ‘email’ version.


This will require the employer representative to complete the form including verification of bank details with our Consultant. The apprentice/trainee will verify their sections before signing the declaration with a stylus pen supplied by us. This process is also compatible with laptops and PCs using a computer mouse or other pointing device.


An email will be sent to your designated inbox with a hyperlink that will take you to the pre-filled Smart Form Claim.   You will need to look out for an email from noreply@industry.gov.au with the subject heading “TYIMS Smart Forms - Claims - Submit your Claim. To access the form you will be asked to enter the tracking and security code contained in the email. We will send you an SMS or written notification to advise you of the email.

How to submit your claim


Upon completing all sections and clicking ‘Submit’ the completed Smart Form Claim will be sent via secure email to our central processing centre. Smart Form Claims will be managed and processed as per AASN Guidelines

How to supply training evidence


If you have apprentices and trainees in Queensland, Victoria and/or Western Australia, evidence that a training plan has been signed is required to process employer claim forms. We can work with your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to obtain the required evidence or supply you with a 1237 RTO Declaration. A Smart Form Claim cannot be processed until this information has been provided and may be returned to you for follow up with your RTO.

Ensuring contact details are up to date


Please contact us to update your email address and mobile number. This will support minimal delays in receiving your Smart Forms. Your existing apprentices and trainees are encouraged to do the same.

Need more help?


For more information on how to complete the Smart Form claims, please click here.

If you require further assistance, please call a Client Service Representative on 1300 363 831 who will be happy to help you.