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Apprenticeship Support Australia announced as a major sponsor of National Skills Week 2021

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This National Skills Week, women are being highly encouraged and urged to consider pursuing a trades career.

Employers battling an increasing skills shortage who are unable to find the workers from their usual pool of talent are encouraged to take on female apprentices or trainees. Apprenticeship Support Australia claims higher female participation in trade industries won’t only help Australia’s economy and combat a growing skills shortage but will create opportunities for women to access solutions to the unique economic challenges they face.

Peter Gilchrist, General Manager at Apprenticeship Support Australia believes women who complete an apprenticeship or traineeship can reap a range of economic and social rewards, and that increased female participation in the workforce provides additional economic and social benefits to families, communities and businesses.

Peter Gilchrist started his career journey in trades and stresses the value and positive impact women can bring into the industry. “When I started as a Fitter Machinist Apprentice, women participating in trades were very academically focused and progressed their career quickly. Whilst it’s great to see the number of women in trades increase since, the growth has been slow and needs stronger support to reach the level that it needs to be at”, explains Peter.

Women are being encouraged to pursue non-traditional female trades in which women make up fewer than 25 per cent of all apprentices and workers. This includes the automotive industry, building and construction, butchery, horticulture, electrical, carpentry and plumbing.
Those unsure about women working in trades have many reasons to consider it. Benefits range from improved performance for organisations to increased resilience provided by more diverse perspectives that allow for a range of solutions to be offered when problem solving.
Importantly, workplace mental health has also been shown to improve, as research by the International Monetary Fund reveals higher numbers of women in non-traditional trades can help foster an environment in which everyone feels supported – adding that team collaboration drastically improves with the presence of women.

Helping women sign up to these trades by providing career advice and connecting them with potential employers, Apprenticeship Support Australia believes this National Skills Week has the potential to positively impact the future of employees and employers for years to come.

“We highly encourage employers to reach out to our team if they need support or have any enquiries with regards to employing more female apprentices or trainees. Having a more equal gender ratio in the workplace positively impacts on the work culture, increases diversity and results in improved collaboration and work practices”, continues Peter Gilchrist, General Manager at Apprenticeship Support Australia.

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