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Read Mitchell's story about how he became Team Leader at Superior Air Conditioning


Mitchell was a high school graduate when he came to work at Superior Air Conditioning as a labourer. Shortly after starting, air conditioning and refrigeration sparked his interest and curiosity to learn more. Thanks to his work ethic and enthusiasm, he was soon offered an air-conditioning apprenticeship to work with mobile teams across Sydney.
Throughout his apprenticeship, Mitchell delved into various air conditioning and refrigeration systems topics. He learned about electrical circuits and controls, heat transfer principles, system installation, commissioning, maintenance, and environmental and safety regulations. Mitchell’s dedication and aptitude for the subject matter became evident as he consistently excelled in his coursework and practical assessments.

But he didn’t settle there; he discovered his interest in system maintenance and utilisation of Low and very low GWP refrigerants, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the new facilities being built. Mitch grew in front of his employers’ eyes and blossomed into a highly skilled tech.

Mitchell’s talent did not go unnoticed. His exemplary performance and unwavering commitment to his apprenticeship drew the attention of industry experts. The prestigious trade magazine CCN (Climate Control News) recognised Mitchell as one of the “20 Techs on the Rise Under 25.” This accolade was a testament to his dedication and marked the beginning of a promising air conditioning and refrigeration career.

Today, he is a Team Leader at Superior Air Conditioning. His journey is inspiring and serves as a reminder that passion and persistence can lead to thriving careers.

Richard Bencic, Mitchell’s employer, explains:

“Mitch is the real deal. Like a sponge, soaking everything about the trade. He has a solid work ethic, and it’s truly impressive how he has evolved over the years. He has a passion for making everything more eco-friendly. He brought fresh ideas to the table that have not only upped our game but have put us on the cutting edge of green tech. We couldn’t be more stoked about having Mitchell on our team. His commitment to excellence and vision of a more sustainable industry makes us all the better at what we do.'

Interview with Mitchell Stevens:

What is your current role?

My current role is Team Leader at Superior Air Conditioning. As a Team Leader, I am responsible for supervising and managing a team of technicians who install and repair air conditioners and ensuring that the air conditioners are installed efficiently and to the highest standard. I also play a crucial role in coordinating with other departments, managing resources and providing technical expertise to meet customer needs.

How did Apprenticeship Support Australia support you in your apprenticeship journey?

Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) has played a crucial role in my career development. ASA provided a structured learning pathway that allowed me to learn in the classroom and on the job site. ASA supported me whenever I needed it and communicated with my employer to ensure I was meeting all necessary needs. ASA also called me regularly to check on me to see how I was progressing with my studies at Superior Training Centre and my employment at Superior Air Conditioning.

Can you briefly describe your career path?

My career path in the air conditioning industry began as an apprentice. As an apprentice, I gained hands-on experience working with other experiment technicians. After completing my apprenticeship,
I progressed through the ranks by consistently improving my skills and taking on increasing responsibility. After a few months of working as a junior technician and gaining more expertise in various HVAC systems, I was eventually promoted to team leader. Now, I oversee a team of technicians and manage projects. I also continue to pursue additional certifications and training to expand my expertise.

Can you briefly describe your day-to-day work?

As a team leader, my day-to-day involves a mix of managerial and technical tasks. I spend time planning and coordinating projects, assigning tasks to team members, ensuring that all work is carried out safely and efficiently and that all materials, resources and necessary equipment are available. I also work on the tools and help in the servicing department. I provide my team with technical guidance, troubleshoot complex issues, and handle customer and client interactions. Additionally, I am responsible for monitoring timelines, attending site meetings, discussing project progress and addressing any concerns to ensure successful project completion.

What would you advise other people considering entering your industry/role?

The advice I have for people considering entering a career in the air conditioning industry or aiming for a role like mine is the following:

Get a proper education: consider enrolling in a formal education or apprenticeship program to build a strong foundation in the HVAC field.

Gain hands-on experience: Work as an apprentice or entry-level technician to develop practical skills and knowledge.

Pursue further certifications: continuously update your knowledge and skills. Technology evolves rapidly, and further certificates can open up more opportunities.

Stay updated: the HVAC industry is constantly changing, so staying informed about the latest technologies and trends is essential.

Develop soft skills: Problem-solving and effective communication are skills that are important as you develop with technical challenges and interact with different clients. Leadership skills are also important in a role like mine.

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