Apprenticeship Support Australia has arrived!


Apprenticeship Support Australia has arrived!

Posted on 01/07/15 in General, Skillsroad

Apprenticeship Support Australia today launched its premium apprenticeship services program across the country – as part of the Federal Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Network.

Apprenticeship Support Australia combines the 60 years of collective experience in apprenticeships of Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre, VECCI Apprenticeships, CCIWA Apprenticeships Solutions and Business SA Australian Apprenticeship Centre, all backed by the National Business Chamber movement.

This powerful partnership allows Apprenticeship Support Australia clients to benefit from an unprecedented level of vocational education, training and apprenticeship knowledge, supported by experts in all things business.

Apprenticeship Support Australia clients will also have access to the latest careers information, online resources and working tools available on careers portal,
The new program launched by Apprenticeship Support Australia today includes:
  • Administration of apprenticeships, including training contracts;
  • Administration of the Australian Apprentice Incentives Program, including employer incentives and trade support loans;
  • Support for individuals during the careers planning process;
  • Job-matching services to connect suitably skilled apprentices with employers; and
  • Tailored mentoring and support for apprentices needing additional assistance.

The Australian Government has committed $600 million over three years to the Apprenticeship Support Network, in order to give young Australians the best opportunity to find work through earning and learning pathways, while concurrently matching businesses with suitably skilled employees.

The Apprenticeship Support Australia team looks forward to promoting the exciting range of vocational pathways available to Australia’s youth and increasing completion rates for participants in the Australian Apprenticeships program across the country.

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