Inform, Inspire, Ignite: The importance of upskilling during COVID-19


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Join National Skills Week for a celebration of Vocational Education and Training.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, train and study, and with change comes opportunity. In fact, COVID-19 has provided a unique and challenging opportunity to re-train and up-skill Australia’s labour force. Economists have long observed that investing in your people (i.e. your employees) through training, education and up-skilling, leads to greater productivity, higher morale, and greater job satisfaction.
With the start of National Skills Week, this is the perfect opportunity to explore ways to future-proof your business. Understanding the full potential of trained and skilled employees will set your business up for future success. With the prevalence of online learning opportunities available, National Skills Week will help you uncover your business’ strengths and show you where and how to learn new skills for the future.
Explore the resources, as the event sets out to highlight the talents, the skills, the career pathways and the value of apprentices and trainees across Australia.
As a major sponsor for National Skills Week, Apprenticeship Support Australia are thrilled to be part of this important event on the VET calendar. Apprenticeship Support Australia are proud to be providing essential services and resources to employers and apprentices, as we continue to be leaders in skilling Australia for tomorrow.
We can refocus and strengthen our businesses, as the current opportunities for training and education are immense. Re-training and upskilling are our best shot at getting ahead of these challenges.
As our friends over at Skillsroad say “if you have dreams in your head and feet in your shoes, your skills will take you wherever you choose”. Check out their range of resources at:
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