Local Apprentice Grabs Gender Barrier by the Handlebars


Posted on 17/08/17 in

Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA), is breaking down traditional jobs for the boys and girls by encouraging young people to pursue careers they want, rather than what’s expected of their gender.

Take 18 year old mechanic Taylor O’Brian. She has completed a certificate III in Automotive Technology with Moorooka motorcycle company, TeamMoto, where she has been an employee for four years.

“Customers say to me ‘wow you really know what you are talking about’ and I guess I do” says Taylor.

The automotive industry is suffering a skills shortage and Taylor is part of less than two per cent of females working in the automotive industry in Australia.

Taylor completed her apprenticeship with the guidance of ASA which is a government backed Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

Apprentices who go through ASA have a significantly higher chance of success with completion rates of 80.2%, this is compared to the national average of just 58.3% of other apprenticeship programs.

This success is attributed in part to our Skillsroad program which aims to give career advice to young people as well as educating employers, parents and careers counsellors in the future workforce.

ASA Queensland Manager, Margie Bradbury says “It’s crucial that we provide young people with the information and support of what career options are out there. We want them to undertake careers that genuinely interest them; breaking down concepts of gendered occupations, placing young people in successful careers for the sheer love of the profession”.

Apprenticeship Support Australia offers holistic advice and support to both business and apprentices. With over 500 VET qualifications ASA is shaping the future of the Australian workforce.

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