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Skills based education and training is a key focus

Posted on 21/11/19 in

Apprenticeship Support Australia offers innovative ways for a skills-based education.

When a young person finishes school in Australia, many employers expect they are ready to jump right in and start a job. Sadly, that is not necessarily the case. Employers are not only looking for technical skills, but the ‘soft’ skills such as communication and team work are often a priority too. 

In response to these challenges, an increased focus on skilling in Australia has become a key driving force across the VET industry. As recently indicated by Minister for Employment, Skills, Small & Family Business, Michaelia Cash, “the government wants to put in place new programs that can allow people to up-skill or re-skill”.

This is where Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) steps in and offers innovative ways for a skills-based education. By teaming up with schools, industry, local business, governments and other VET providers ASA has helped over 1 million apprentices and trainees achieve a nationally recognised qualification.
Educating both young people and parents about the importance of skilling in Australia is important. ASA’s recent success stories at the relevant Training Awards is a testament to the importance of a skills based education. As indicated by Nelson Florimo, 2019 NSW Apprentice of the Year, “the last four years have been an extraordinary experience for me.  I never thought I would be in this position and the amount I have learnt from the people around me and my industry has been incredible”.
ASA industry consultants can help employers build a rewarding skills career for potential apprentices and trainees.  Call us today to learn how.

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