Supporting Women In Trades


Benefits of Women Working in Trades

Increasing women's workforce participation is an economic and social priority, which benefits women, their families, communities, business and the economy of the nation.

Each and every individual or business plays an integral role in forging the path toward change and there is no action too small to get started. Valuing wellbeing is a global indicator of how well we are feeling and functioning, it makes sense to make it a focus for work, because when individuals do well the communities around them also thrive.

Encouraging higher female participation in trade industries and in the uptake of apprenticeships or traineeships will not only help to combat future skills shortages, but could also create new opportunities for women to deal with the unique economic challenges they face in these ever-changing times.

Apprenticeship Support Australia has helped sign up women to work in non-traditional trades. Download our free guide about the Benefits of Women in Trades.

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