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Apprentice On-Boarding Kit

Apprenticeship Support Australia lets you create high quality policies for FREE, in just a few clicks.

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Improve your Hiring and On-boarding process.

We make the process of employing people easier with this comprehensive documentation package written by industry professionals to set the code of conduct in your company. Develop and maintain your new employees by providing support and a tailored induction plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I access these specific 4 documents?

You spoke, we listened. Over the last few years, we've received frequent feedback from our clients that they have particularly struggled with sourcing or compiling the content included in these 4 documents. They are also the documents that are most commonly used across businesses in Australia. We hope providing these for free will make your lives a little easier.

Will more documents be available?

In order to find out what other documents might be available and could be useful for your business, please contact us on 1300 363 831 so we can connect you with your local Apprenticeship Support Australia representative.

I'm still struggling to find an apprentice or trainee. What can I do?

We suggest you take a look at what Skillsroad can do for you. Skillsroad, as well as Apprenticeship Support Australia, is a NSW Business Chamber initiative and a platform that connects employers with entry-level staff. You will have access to free resources around how to successfully recruit and hire, as well as Australia's leading Jobs Board for entry-level staff, where you can post your vacancies for free. Get started here.

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Our documents cover all bases

The award-winning employment law team at Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors have endorsed the documents in our on-boarding kit.

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