Classroom Resources

Finally, real help is at hand!

Working in conjunction with professional psychologists and trainers, Apprenticeships Support Australia’s partner, Skillsroad, has put together a suite of classroom-ready tools, including fully-downloadable lesson plans, and videos, to help guide your students to make informed career choices on topics such as career planning and preparing for job interviews.

Don't forget to take a look at our 'Professional Development Resources' which include a series of Teacher and Career Advisor webinars.


You can also encourage your pupils to Register so that they can access the following applications and resources:

  • Career Quiz – a brand-new mobile and tablet-friendly Career Quiz app, designed by a psychologist, generates a personalised report with career recommendations based on the student’s strongest skillset, helping to guide students on potential career opportunities. 
  • Explore Careers – a space where students can explore information and videos on over 350 careers, including long-term career projections and earning potential
  • Job-Fit Test – this test takes students beyond school to examine their readiness for the workplace and suitability for different career options
  • Resume Builder – where job seekers can build resume step-by-step, including a cover letter
  • Jobs Board – a live listing of entry-level jobs (including apprenticeships) across a variety of industries
  • Preparing for Work –tips and pointers to guide students through the job application process and getting ready for work
Skillsroad also hosts regular webinars for those working in the careers advisory space. Be sure to make sure you check back in regularly to get access to the latest teaching news, tools and resources – and keep an eye out for our Careers Advisors newsletter!