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Technology and its subsequent developments, like automation and globalisation, have caused rapid and significant change to entire industries, shifting the skills required to work within them.

Simultaneously, there has been disruption in the behaviours and trends of the younger workforce creating a HR-game changer for businesses ability to attract and retain young workers.

The majority of businesses, however, haven’t changed how they play their cards when it comes to recruitment, and it’s high time they do if they want to keep up, as the churn-trend is blowing out bottom lines.

It’s now more important than ever for businesses to exercise best practise recruitment techniques such as attracting the right staff, on-boarding them, and helping managers maintain happy and productive ongoing relationships with staff. The likes of LinkedIn and other digital job matching platforms means that competition for talent is heightened, runs 24/7, and allows jobseekers to apply for a more attractive opportunity at the click of a button. 

In order to help businesses find the right staff, as well as learn about specialist tools to ensure businesses are taking on candidates with the right skillsets for their businesses, Apprenticeship Support Australia and internationally acclaimed Registered Psychologist, Danielle Buckley, are running free workshops across Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney during June.

The workshops titled Helping businesses thrive in the new world of work will focus on: why the workforce has changed and what this means for employers, the new way people are working, what young workers expect from their employers, where to access and how to use expert designed tools to help capture and retain the right staff, three key initiatives businesses can undertake to develop a workforce that is futureproof, and why some industries have seen growth and others haven’t.

Given research has shown that young people now have over 17 jobs across 5 different careers, along with the fact that every time an employee leaves it can cost 6 to 9 months’ of that persons salary. In addition to the fact that people who experience negative recruitment practices are likely to not use, nor recommend, that companies products or services, and 65% of those are likely to actually dissuade others from applying for positions with the same company, means that it’s crucial businesses have recruitment processes that are align with the expectations and desires of the current labour pool in order to stop churn.

Click on either BrisbaneCanberra, or Sydney to register your free spot.   

Workshops in Brisbane will be held on 12.06.2018 and 13.06.2018
Workshops in Canberra will be held on 14.06.2018
Workshops in Sydney will be held on 18.06.2018 and 19.06.2018   

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