Community Support

Apprenticeship Support Australia understands the role business plays in the community. We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the community through a number of important initiatives.


We actively support the community through:

Policy influence in the skills arena

Apprenticeship Support Australia is owned and operated by the Australian chamber movement. Collectively and through our individual state policy units, we are consistently engaged in policy interaction with State and Federal Governments regarding education, training and skills issues, providing high-level input and recommendations to support employers’ engagement in a range of workforce skill-development programs.

Charitable support

Apprenticeship Support Australia and the wider national chamber movement regularly contribute to various charities and support groups.

Environmental commitment

Apprenticeship Support Australia and the national chamber movement are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and promoting environmentally sustainable practices. We lead the example by complying with best practice standard in corporate sustainability set by the national chamber movement.

Awards sponsorships

Apprenticeship Support Australia and the national chamber movement sponsor a range of award ceremonies around Australia, which recognise achievements in training and education.

Commitment to Key Priority Groups

Apprenticeship Support Australia is dedicated to supporting and understanding the needs of key priority groups by increasing the awareness and uptake of Australian apprenticeships and traineeships.

Involvement in local committee initiatives

Apprenticeship Support Australia consultants are engaged with dozens of local committees, colleges, forums and advisory groups and participate in exhibitions and conferences around the country, to develop opportunities for apprentices and trainees.