How to Access ADMS Services

The Apprenticeships Data Management System (ADMS) is an electronic system developed and maintained by the Australian Government that aims to better support the needs of employers, apprentices and trainees and will assist in managing claims and applications. The modernised system is more reliable and secure which will support your business. Any time you have a claim application available, ADMS will notify you. You can also log in and view the details of your claim applications at any time.

ADMS replaces the old methods of submitting application/claim forms via post or email.

Employers are accountable for establishing their connectivity to ADMS. 

Accessing ADMS as an employer

  1. Create your Digital Identity using myGovID. You will need at least a ‘Standard identity’ strength. However, if you are the  Principal authority (first user) to be acting on behalf of your ABN, you will need ‘Strong identity’ strength to proceed. Go to myGovID for help setting up your Digital Identity.

  2. As the Principal authority, you will need to be the first individual to link your Digital Identity with the Australian business number (ABN) of the business/s on the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) website. To initiate this linking process on the website, please choose the option 'Login with myGovID'.

Once linked, you can access online services on behalf of the business and authorise others to do the same.

Alternatively, where another principal authority or authorisation administrator is already linked to the business in RAM, they can authorise you to act on behalf of the business instead.

For Further assistance use the RAM website for help.

  1. Once Linked to RAM - Register for an account in ADMS (Step 3 Under the Employer section- the ADMS Portal) Register for an account and agree to the security declaration.

See the How to register for an ADMS account quick reference guide for help registering your account.

As this is a one-time registration process -once the above is completed, you can log into ADMS at any time using your Digital Identity through the Business users login on the ADMS Home screen.

Getting Support

  • For more detailed information on connecting to ADMS, completing claim applications providing Wage Evidence, issues with claims, Fact sheets and Guides and DAAWS click here and select the Employer TAB.

If you need support, please contact our team HERE.

Apprenticeship Support Australia can help set up your account and assist with enquiries about Claim Applications.

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