Apprentice ADMS Connection

The Apprenticeship Data Management System (ADMS) is a secure platform for employers and apprentices to oversee apprenticeships, apply for payments, and track claim progress. ADMS simplifies apprenticeship management, allows for easy completion of claim applications, and facilitates submissions for additional support like Australian Apprenticeship Support Loans and the Living Away From Home Allowance. Users receive notifications when claim applications are available and can access claim details at any time.

How do you Connect?

Before you use ADMS, you need to connect your account to your myGov Account or Digital Identity.
After that you can:

  1. Navigate to ADMS

  2. Click 'Apprentice login'

  3. Sign in using your myGov Account or Digital Identity

To sign in with myGov, your account must be linked to either Centrelink, ATO or Medicare. Head to the myGov Account to learn more about signing up for and linking your myGov account.
To use your Digital Identity, you need to have a myGov Account and a Standard Identity Strength. The myGovID website has more information about creating your Digital Identity.

Confirm your identity in ADMS

  1. Provide your Apprentice ID (your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider can give you this), or your Unique Student Identifier (USI can be found at

  2. Enter your date of birth.

  3. Enter the authentication code sent to your phone or email.

Getting support

  • For more detailed information on connecting to ADMS, completing claim applications, Living Away From Home Allowance applications, and Australian Apprentice Trade Support Loans, click here

Apprenticeship Support Australia can help you set up your account and complete your Claim Applications. 

Video Resources on how to Connect and Claim:

Supplied by the Department of Employment and Workforce Relations

Accessing ADMS for the first time

How to claim your AATSP