Which apprenticeship will suit me?

It’s very important to choose a career pathway that matches your abilities, interests and ambitions. When you work in a job that matches your “natural style” you will be happier, more productive and more motivated to build an ongoing and rewarding career pathway!

How can you find out which apprenticeship or traineeship may be suitable for you?

We have a range of cool online tools to help you plan your career on our free career advice portal Skillsroad.com.au. Skillsroad is Australia’s number one destination for career advice! Here you will able to complete a career quiz, research over 350 careers, watch videos, take the Job Fit Test to see if you are a fit careers of interest, and even build a resume and apply for jobs!

Join Skillsroad.com.au for free now to start mapping your career journey:
  1. Take the Career Quiz – to discover what you’re naturally good at, and what your true skillset really is
  2. Research over 350 career profiles – to see what interests you
  3. Take the Job Fit Test – to see how you stack up against chosen careers
  4. Build a resume – on our resume builder application
  5. Jobs board – apply for local apprenticeships and traineeship jobs

If you’re still at school, you could take both your Career Quiz and Job Fit results to your Career Advisor or Careers Counsellor for a confidential discussion. They can give you information about opportunities for work experience, industry field days and other ways to explore the occupations you are matched with.

You can also talk about your findings with friends and family. Don’t forget to ask them about the pathways they’ve taken to establish their careers – particularly if they are in jobs that appeal to you.

Once you’ve decided upon your goals, you have completed the most important step in the apprenticeship process – choosing the earning and learning pathway that inspires you.
Now you’re ready to begin looking for your perfect apprenticeship!

For more information on how to get started call Apprenticeship Support Australia on 1300 363 831.