Good News: Young Woman Steps into World of Carpentry


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BuildUp Constructions Pty has a long-standing relationship with Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA), helping them commence more than fifty apprentices over the past twenty years.


Knowing all too well the mutual benefit and value of women in trades for both the business and apprentices, BuildUp Constructions Pty is now encouraging and supporting women entering the trades.

With the help and support of the local ITC – Stacey Cox, they recently welcomed Bailey McCormick, a 1st-year carpentry apprentice, who is keen on making a mark in a male-dominated trade. Bailey’s story began when she was offered a work trial with BuildUp Constructions Pty after sending in her resume. The trial went well, and she has stayed with them since. Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) has been an important part of Bailey’s apprenticeship journey:

“So far, ASA has provided the utmost support in starting my apprenticeship. I have been given many resources to help me along the way and am free to ask any questions or concerns I have”.

The best part is that this is only the beginning of a bright career path for Bailey. She plans to obtain a builder’s license after completing her carpentry qualification before exploring project management or starting up her own company one day. Her positive experience with BuildUp Constructions and Apprenticeship Support Australia has given her a boost and confidence to inspire other women to take steps in a male-dominated field.

Bailey and other female apprentices can also benefit from Apprenticeship Support Australia's Women Trading Up Mentoring program to ensure they are supported throughout their trade and beyond. Bailey suggests to women wanting to pursue a Trade:

“Try your best, remember to ask questions, and give it a crack. Prioritise rest and recovery – starting work in trade is a huge adjustment both physically and mentally. Make sure to eat well, get a good amount of sleep, and look after your body as much as possible.”

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