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Morgan Purdie is currently a 3rd year plumbing apprentice. She didn’t, however, always know that this will be her career path.

Morgan Purdie is currently in her third year as a plumbing apprentice. However, she only sometimes envisioned this as her career path. Despite her affinity for trades and hands-on work, she was still determining the specific direction to take.

While employed at Reece Group, Morgan crossed paths with Rowan, one of the owners of Mr. Nice Plumbing Pty Ltd, during a material pickup. Their conversation spontaneously turned to Rowan’s business, which resonated strongly with Morgan’s vision for her future in plumbing. Though content with her current employer at the time, Morgan recognised a perfect alignment of her career goals and values, prompting her to make the leap.
With the help and support of Apprenticeship Support Australia, Morgan signed up and quickly started her plumbing apprenticeship at Mr.Nice Plumbing.
Today, she is learning and enjoying her role’s impact on people’s everyday lives. Ms. Purdie explains:

“I love going out, doing maintenance work, resolving people’s problems, and knowing that, at the end of the day, I made someone happy through my work.”

Her ASA consultant, Debbie Vumbaca, highlights the importance of future apprentices’ attitudes.

“Skills and theory can be taught in the training, but the attitude to learning and work makes the best apprentices. Morgan’s bubbly character, persistence, and confidence set her apart. I’m certain she will be very successful in her career.”

Morgan is learning on the job and in her courses and trying to absorb as much as possible from her experienced team. She aims to progress into a management role and apply her knowledge to teaching, mentoring, and managing future plumbing apprentices.

She encourages all women considering trades to not limit themselves due to fear, prejudices, or biases. Instead, she shares:

“Go for it, it’s a rewarding career, and you will not regret it."

In addition to ASA support, Morgan considers herself fortunate to have an understanding employer that encourages higher participation of women in trades.

Mr.Nice, her employer shares:
“Miss Purdies’ recent addition to our team at Mr. Nice Plumbing, her professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customer service have greatly benefited our operations.

She consistently goes above and beyond,
demonstrating a passion for her craft and a thirst for knowledge.

Miss Purdies’ contributions not only elevate our work but also showcase the remarkable achievements women in trades can accomplish. We are honoured to have her on board and look forward to her continued growth and success.”

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